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Inspector Morse 14 Books Young Adult Collection Paperback Set By Colin Dexter

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Inspector Morse 14 Books Young Adult Collection Paperback Set By Colin Dexter Titles In This Set Last Bus To Woodstock Last Seen Wearing The Silent World Of Nicholas Quinn Service Of...
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Inspector Morse 14 Books Young Adult Collection Paperback Set By Colin Dexter

Titles In This Set

  • Last Bus To Woodstock
  • Last Seen Wearing
  • The Silent World Of Nicholas Quinn
  • Service Of All The Dead
  • The Dead Of Jericho
  • The Riddle Of The Third Mile
  • The Secret Annexe 3
  • The Wench Is Dead
  • The Jewel That Was Ours
  • The Way Through The Woods
  • The Daughters Of Cain
  • Death Is Now My Neighbour
  • The Remorseful Day
  • Morses Greatest Mystery


Last Bus To Woodstock

A special edition of Last Bus to Woodstock by Colin Dexter reissued with a bright retro design to celebrate Pan 70th anniversary The death of Sylvia Kaye figured dramatically in Thursday afternoons edition of the Oxford Mail. By Friday evening, Inspector Morse had informed the nation that the police were looking for a dangerous man - facing charges of wilful murder, sexual assault and rape. But as the obvious leads fade into twilight and darkness, Morse becomes more and more convinced that passion holds the key. Last Bus to Woodstock is the first book in Colin Dexters bestselling Inspector Morse series and the basis for the much-loved television detective drama, starring John Thaw as the eponymous Inspector.

Last Seen Wearing

Last Seen Wearing is the second novel in Colin Dexters Oxford-set detective series. Morse was beset by a nagging feeling. Most of his fanciful notions about the Taylor girl had evaporated and he had begun to suspect that further investigation into Valerie's disappearance would involve little more than sober and tedious routine. The statements before Inspector Morse appeared to confirm the bald, simple truth. After leaving home to return to school, teenager Valerie Taylor had completely vanished, and the trail had gone cold. Until two years, three months and two days after Valerie's disappearance, somebody decides to supply some surprising new evidence for the case

The Silent World Of Nicholas Quinn

The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn is the third novel in Colin Dexters Oxford-set detective series. Morse had never ceased to wonder why, with the staggering advances in medical science, all pronouncements concerning times of death seemed so disconcertingly vague. The newly appointed member of the Oxford Examinations Syndicate was deaf, provincial and gifted. Now he is dead. And his murder, in his north Oxford home, proves to be the start of a formidably labyrinthine case for Chief Inspector Morse, as he tries to track down the killer through the insular and bitchy world of the Oxford Colleges

Service Of All The Dead

Service of All the Dead is the fourth novel in Colin Dexters Oxford-set detective series. The sweet countenance of Reason greeted Morse serenely when he woke, and told him that it would be no bad idea to have a quiet look at the problem itself before galloping off to a solution. Chief Inspector Morse was alone among the congregation in suspecting continued unrest in the quiet parish of St Frideswide. Most people could still remember the churchwarden's murder. A few could still recall the murderer's suicide. Now even the police had closed the case. Until a chance meeting among the tombstones reveals startling new evidence of a conspiracy to deceive

The Dead Of Jericho

The Dead of Jericho is the fifth novel in Colin Dexters Oxford-set detective series. Morse switched on the gramophone to play and sought to switch his mind away from all the terrestrial troubles. Sometimes, this way, he almost managed to forget. But not tonight Anne Scotts address was scribbled on a crumpled note in the pocket of Morse smartest suit. He turned the corner of Canal Street Jericho on the afternoon of Wednesday 3rd October. He had not planned a second visit. But he was back later the same day as the officer in charge of a suicide investigation

The Riddle Of The Third Mile

The Riddle of the Third Mile is the sixth novel in Colin Dexters Oxford-set detective series. The thought suddenly occurred to Morse that this would be a marvellous time to murder a few of the doddery old bachelor dons. No wives to worry about their whereabouts; no landladies to whine about the unpaid rents. In fact nobody would miss most of them at all. By the 16th of July the Master of Lonsdale was concerned, but not yet worried. Dr Browne-Smith had passed through the porter's lodge at approximately 8.15 a.m. on the morning of Friday, 11th July. And nobody had heard from him since. Plenty of time to disappear, thought Morse. And plenty of time, too, for someone to commit murder

The Secret Annexe 3

The Secret of Annexe 3 is the seventh novel in Colin Dexters Oxford-set detective series. Morse sought to hide his disappointment. So many people in the Haworth Hotel that fateful evening had been wearing some sort of disguise a change of dress, a change of make-up, a change of partner, a change of attitude, a change of life almost; and the man who had died had been the most consummate artist of them all. Chief Inspector Morse seldom allowed himself to be caught up in New Year celebrations. So the murder inquiry in the festive hotel had a certain appeal. It was a crime worthy of the season. The corpse was still in fancy dress. And hardly a single guest at the Haworth had registered under a genuine namen

The Wench Is Dead

The Wench is Dead is the eighth novel in Colin Dexters Oxford-set detective series. That night he dreamed in Technicolor. He saw the ochre-skinned, scantily clad siren in her black, arrowed stockings. And in Morse's muddled computer of a mind that siren took the name of one Joanna Franks. The body of Joanna Franks was found at Dukes Cut on the Oxford Canal at about 5.30 a.m. on Wednesday 22nd June 1859. At around 10.15 a.m. on a Saturday morning in 1989 the body of Chief Inspector Morse  though very much alive was removed to Oxfords John Radcliffe Hospital. Treatment for a perforated ulcer was later pronounced successful. As Morse begins his recovery he comes across an account of the investigation and the trial that followed Joanna Franks death and becomes convinced that the two men hanged for her murder were innocent

The Jewel That Was Ours

The Jewel That Was Ours is the ninth novel in Colin Dexters Oxford-set detective series. He looked overweight around the midriff, though nowhere else, and she wondered whether perhaps he drank too much. He looked weary, as if he had been up most of the night conducting his investigations For Oxford, the arrival of twenty-seven American tourists is nothing out of the ordinary. until one of their number is found dead in Room 310 at the Randolph Hotel. It looks like a sudden and tragic accident. Only Chief Inspector Morse appears not to overlook the simultaneous theft of a jewel-encrusted antique from the victim's handbag. Then, two days later, a naked and battered corpse is dragged from the River Cherwell. A coincidence? Maybe. But this time Morse is determined to prove the link

The Way Through The Woods

On holiday in Lyme Regis, Chief Inspector Morse has decided to go without newspapers. But in the hotel he finds himself seated opposite a woman reading her paper, and Morse cannot help but notice an intriguing headline. Winner of the Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger Award

The Daughters Of Cain

The Daughters of Cain is the eleventh novel in Colin Dexters Oxford-set detective series. Bizarre and bewildering – that's what so many murder investigations in the past had proved to be. In this respect, at least, Lewis was correct in his thinking. What he could not have known was what unprecedented anguish the present case would cause to Morses soul. Chief Superintendent Stranges opinion was that too little progress had been made since the discovery of a corpse in a North Oxford flat. The victim had been killed by a single stab wound to the stomach. Yet the police had no weapon, no suspect, no motive. Within days of taking over the case Chief Inspector Morse and Sergeant Lewis uncover startling new information about the life and death of Dr Felix McClure. When another body is discovered Morse suddenly finds himself with rather too many suspects. For once, he can see no solution. But then he receives a letter containing a declaration of love

Death Is Now My Neighbour

Death is Now My Neighbour is the twelfth novel in Colin Dexters Oxford-set detective series. As he drove his chief down to Kidlington, Lewis returned the conversation to where it had begun. You have not told me what you think about this fellow Owens the dead woman next-door neighbour. Death is always the next-door neighbour said Morse sombrely The murder of a young woman.  A cryptic seventeenth-century love poem. And a photograph of a mystery grey-haired man More than enough to set Chief Inspector E. Morse on the trail of a killer. And its a trail that leads him to Lonsdale College, where the contest between Julian Storrs and Dr Denis Cornford for the coveted position of Master is hotting up. But then Morse faces a greater, far more personal crisis

The Remorseful Day

The murder of Yvonne Harrison had left Thames Valley CID baffled. A year after the dreadful crime they are still no nearer to making an arrest. But one man has yet to tackle the case – and it is just the sort of puzzle at which Chief Inspector Morse excels. So why is he adamant that he will not lead the re-investigation, despite the entreaties of Chief Superintendent Strange and dark hints of some new evidence? And why, if he refuses to take on the case officially, does he seem to be carrying out his own private enquiries

Morse's Greatest Mystery

Morse had solved so many mysteries in his life. Was he now, he wondered, beginning to glimpse the solution to the greatest mystery of them all  How can the discovery of a short story by a beautiful Oxford graduate lead Chief Inspector Morse to her murderer What awaits Morse and Lewis in Room 231 of the Randolph Hotel Why does a theft at Christmas lead the detective to look upon the festive season with uncharacteristic goodwill And what happens when Morse himself falls victim to a brilliantly executed crime Morse Greatest Mystery and Other Stories is a dazzling collection of short stories from Inspector Morse's creator, Colin Dexter. It includes six ingenious cases for the worlds most popular fictional detective plus five other tantalizingly original tales to delight all lovers of classic crime fiction


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Inspector Morse 14 Books Young Adult Collection Paperback Set By Colin Dexter
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