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Baby's Very First Library 18 Board Books - Ages 0-5 - Board Books

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This fantastic little set is just the perfect book collection for babies ages 0-5, who are grasping the world around them. It contains all vital information on basic areas of everyday...
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This fantastic little set is just the perfect book collection for babies ages 0-5, who are grasping the world around them. It contains all vital information on basic areas of everyday objects like cars, animals, clothing, mealtime, pets, food and more. 

This fun and wonderful collection of 18 board books, is completely filled with topics that babies are coming into grasp with, topics such as vehicles, numbers, words, colours, animals, cuddly toys, farm animals, bath-time and more! The books are carefully designed, with curved edges and sturdily built, words are simple and direct and easy to read, artwork is cute and easy to understand, perfect for babies. The photos are clear and accessible allowing babies to learn about their environment quickly. The books are delightful, and a perfect starter for babies to begin their reading adventure, each individual word is fun to repeat over and over which was also designed for reading development in mind. In Baby's very first Dinosaurs, babies will love to interact with this engaging board book, you will get the chance to see babies hatching from their eggs, Pterodactyls soaring through the sky, and a T-Rex chomping down on his meals.

In Baby's very first Let's Get Dressed, babies will learn all about how to get dressed which prepares them for the near future to get them ready for getting changed after a year or two. The book will also help babies get familiar with cloth pieces, as well as bright pictures and touchy pages to refine babies' senses. In Baby's very first Mealtime, it introduces some of the essential foods for babies, containing healthy and crucial elements of meals, babies will enjoy pronouncing all the basic ingredients. In Baby's very first Cuddly Animals, babies will get the opportunity to meet adorable cuddly animals, babies can now try to identify and distinguish individual different animals and their unique characteristics, with vibrant pages and colours, babies will learn what animals look like and how they differ from each other. In addition to language, babies are learning how to identify colours, shapes, patterns, textures, sounds and more! From the way the books were produced, babies can bite and hold the books without the worry of ruining them. Usborne have truly thought about every aspect of the collection. The books are a wonderful gift, and it acts like a toy but with all the brilliant reading benefits along with it. 

Titles In Collection:

  • Baby's very first Bedtime
  • Baby's very first Dinosaurs
  • Baby's very first Farm Animals
  • Baby's very first Farm
  • Baby's very first Fluffy Animals
  • Baby's very first Let's Get Dressed
  • Baby's very first Mealtime
  • Baby's very first Numbers
  • Baby's very first Pets
  • Baby's very first Playtime
  • Baby's very first Bathtime
  • Baby's very first Trucks
  • Baby's very first Words
  • Baby's very first Colours
  • Baby's very first Tractor
  • Baby's very first Wild Animals
  • Baby's very first Things That Go
  • Baby's very first Cuddly Animals

This brilliant 18 board book collection, Baby's Very First Library, is the perfect early learning tool for early readers. The books in this series contain colourful images and clear word labels, making them the perfect choice for little ones. Included in this set are books about farm animals, dinosaurs, pets and much more. This set is perfect for children aged 0-5.

Parents will love this collection for their young children, and we recommend introducing it as early as from newborn. Reading from this age is a fantastic way to develop skills and young readers will enjoy the sound of their parents voice as they soon become familiar with books being part of their daily routine. There really is no age barrier to start reading. These books don’t need to be approached in any particular order, but the great news is that there is a huge range of topics to choose from. From farm animals to colours and even making bathtime fun, the board books contain bite-size information and bright pictures to catch the attention of young minds. If your child has a keen interest in a certain area whether it’s dinosaurs or cuddly animals, these could be a great place to start as it will spur them on to express what they see before them.

Encased in a colourful box, this set of 18 board books really is a wonderful gift for newborns and toddlers whether it’s a gift to give or receive. Each book has been thoughtfully created to help them learn about their first experiences and words in an engaging way. Parents can use this opportunity to make animal noises for the wild and farm animals books, while making use of functional books around bath time and getting dressed which are part of their child’s daily routine. Many of these are covered including mealtimes and playtime too which creates a great conversation starter! The colourful approach to pictures provides a sense of familiarity for children and an opportunity to engage them by pointing to things they recognise or even trying to say it themselves as they start to use vocabulary or mimic the sounds made by their parents. Before you know it, young readers will soon recognise a range of objects and find these books a joy to open over and over again.

Each book includes real-life examples of objects, places or vehicles to make these useful learning additions to every child’s nursery or playroom bookshelf. They might even have some of the items they see in their toy collection so a good way to make these interactive is by asking young children to find the items around the house, or discuss where they might find them. By using these realistic illustrations, along with showing numbers and single-words to describe each picture, children can start to use these books to build up their vocabulary of first words and numbers in one handy collection. As they become more confident, the books also prompt children to start counting and parents can use these as a fun way to expand their learning in both literacy and numeracy. 

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Baby's Very First Library 18 Board Books - Ages 0-5 - Board Books
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